The launch of Tiger Radler has seen the worst of stupidity in mankind. K that’s a bit exaggerating but close.

Tiger Radler is a lemony, zesty, refreshing drink that is milder than the original Tiger Beer; which some may find too bitter. The alcohol content is also lower – at 2%, compared to the original of 5%. Because it is targeted at a different group of people.

Dunno why I got slightly dulan over this la, maybe because Nick works in Asia Pacific Breweries… I’m just irked by stupid comments I guess.

Ever since the launch, I saw a few friends posting about the drink on Facebook…. along with their thoughts on it. Most of the comments are about “The drink is much milder than the original… Not nice leh…” Excuse me. I’m assuming that before you tried you already knew it IS and WOULD BE milder? It is so widely advertised so if you’re unaware of it I guess you’re a mountain tortoise, or just ignorant.

The first thoughts of many people upon knowing of the new drink would be “Eh Tiger has new version… with lemon? Must be milder one (or something different)..”

Today, during my nephew’s baby shower at my house, I overheard (actually not overheard, the guy was talking so loudly that people at the other end of the house can hear. My house isn’t huge but you get the point) my brother’s friend exclaiming: “Wah simi lemon version? Wapiang 2% only? 給女孩子喝的?沒有味道的lor! 給女孩子喝的la!

Yeah he is those loud-mouthed ah beng who loves to speak in hokkien and broken English.


Lololol. I’m super irritated by this sentence cos it reeks of such revolting male chauvinism. Geez.

Secondly, Tiger Radler is milder than Tiger Beer because it is meant to be. I wonder why so many people can’t understand this point. If you think it’s too mild for your taste, (if so, lai, challenge. LOL jk) then DRINK THE ORIGINAL lar! How hard can comprehending this be?!

It’s like drinking green tea and comparing it to coke. “Why isn’t green tea fizzy??!!” BECAUSE it is catered to different taste buds/different occasions you dickhead. Coke has many versions too – Vanilla, Zero, Light, Cherry… The brand wants to branch out to more consumers that’s why they created different versions to suit different tastebuds. People who likes Cherry might not like Vanilla.

A friend in fb posted about Tiger Radler with this comment: “Tiger Radler is milder than Tiger Beer, with a lemon twist… People who enjoy the original bitter version may not like it as much, but otherwise it is a refreshing and nice beverage.”

This is an example of a reasonable comment made by someone who has a brain and knows how to use it.


I know I cannot expect everyone to think in my Marketing perspective. (Woo) So my conclusion is simply that, people who kept harping on the low alcohol percentage are just show-offs e.g. trying to haolian and make others think their 酒量 is good.

You don’t see people who go to clubs and pubs and who drink hard liquor on a frequent basis purposely trying a drink like Jolly Shandy and declare it being “so mild”. Because they already know it would be and doesn’t interest them so they won’t even bother wanting to try.

An invisible being can argue with me that Tiger Radler is a relatively new drink hence there it is not well-known as a mild alcohol beverage.. but the point is even after knowing the alcohol percentage is much lesser than the original’s, people are still exclaiming that it is mild. Super action barbie (copy xiaxue say one lol).

Hanna hanna, you 千杯不醉 ok? Now – spread your wings and soar high up in the sky cos you’re an amazing God (Y)

Men I like.

LOL the title sounds so promiscuous.

I realised that many guys I like (actors, singers, etc..) are above 30. One over 40. D:

1. Gerard Butler – 44 years old


Lol ikr, he’s essentially an uncle. I liked him after watching Olympus Has Fallen.. And after 300: Rise of An Empire, I went to rewatch the first 300 movie and liked him again. His portrayal of King Leonidas was *THUMBS UP*

He does have quite an uncle-y look so you have to watch the movies to know why he’s so likeable and manly. And with superb acting skills esp in 300! O_O


2. James Franco – 36 years old


He was the first Western actor I really, really liked. I think he’s quite a humourous guy too, judging from his fb updates. :D His most famous role is as Harry Osborn in the Spiderman trilogy.

Anyway, I think he’s really shuai with those dark brows and hair. Not a typical angmoh look.

I loveeee some of his movies (didn’t watch all la) like 127 Hours, Oz the Great and Powerful, and Rise of the Planet of the apes. I made a pact to myself to watch all of his upcoming movies <3

3. Ashin Chen – 38 years old


oh em gee ness!!! Ashin is freaking 38 and I don’t believe it. Even when he looks tired, the maximum age I would guess he is is… 30?

I love his character, voice, lyrics, compositions, looks, everything :D He doesn’t have perfect features (like super nice eyes or nose) but somehow his whole face just looks lovely. He might be just another uncle to many xmms but mayday fans love him to death.

4. Chris Evans – 33 years old


Whoop another angmoh. He is Captain America and the Human Torch in Fantastic Four!!!!! :D *waves pompoms

My fav character in Marvel is Captain America. It used to be Thor.. but I find Captain America’s character really kind and brave. Kindness is a trait not found in many guys today…. The new-age male is not afraid to insult ladies at the snap of a finger. Digressing but I’m glad Nick is also a kind and filial guy.. love you babi muacks

Chris Evans is freaking suave too and I find him really cute when Captain America was skinny and tiny leh. D: He is fast becoming one of my fav actors.

5. Nicholas Hoult – 25 years old



Finally a young one ^.^

He also has a ‘kind’ look.. which is why the X-Men director chose him to portray Hank/Beast. I love the way he speaks and his British accent. He also doesn’t seem like the wild party type although he’s a rising star. I like, I like…

































Jay Chou – 35 years old


Hur hur ha heeeeeeeee


Marry Me

I’m addicted to Jam Hsiao’s Marry Me after someone in Xuewei’s birthday party sang it.. 很好聽leh. Jam’s rock voice is so suitable for romantic ballads. love love <3 lolol

Kay I shall blog about the HK trip.


Us at the Wooloomooloo restaurant. Main purpose of the trip was for his birthday… I had no idea what to give him! He has everything and recently gotten himself new watch, new pants, shoes, spectacles, perfume, wallet, bag, pouch, urgh everything. D:

Before deciding on the destination, he had a few choices in mind: Hong Kong, Korea, or Taiwan. I have 0% interest in Korea (except the shops there I guess hahaha), and I think I would love Taiwan but somehow deep inside me I am deeply attached to HK despite being there only once before.

It must be the tvb dramas. Hong Kong is similar to Singapore and the things there aren’t cheap (if you compare to Bangkok) at all… But I don’t even care if I didn’t have enough money to shop, I just wanted to soak in the Hongkie atmosphere. ♡

We stayed at Tsim Sha Tsui and I love that area! Would go to the same hotel again xoxo


Haha I didn’t edit the contrast, my face just becomes ghostly pale with the flash on.


I googled “Top 10 restaurants in HK” and this came up… Wooloomooloo Steakhouse at The One in Tsim Sha Tsui. Chose it cos Nick has an unconditional love for meat. The view was superb (:

I’m abstaining from meat (Pork, beef, lamb, chicken, duck) now but I want my baby to be happy ♡ It’s my own choice to stop eating meat and I’m not imposing my beliefs on anyone.


It’s been more than 2 months without pork beef lamb and about 2 weeks without chicken and duck. Yay I succeeded and cravings for them totally stopped.

Pictures of the food… We over-ordered and couldn’t finish all.


Lobster bisque. I love seafood but this tasted thick and milky and weird D:


Sauteed prawns. Juicy and fresh! This dish costed about SGD20 T_T

I told Nick “just order whatever you want cos it’s your birthday” ♡♡ haha so sweet.


The menu stated “Hashbrown” and I ordered because who doesn’t love hashbrowns

It came resembling Marche’s rosti… yummy la but we were so full already. Also I love spring onions but apparently Nick hates them. Hahahaha.


These pasta thingies contain creamy spinach mash and cheese. Nice~!! But I got full after only one cos it was too overwhelming…

Oh yea this dish was SGD40 wtf.


SGD70 steak, anyone?

He said it was the best steak ever.

When the bill came I wanted to pay but he insisted to… He’s always such a gentleman and not wanting me to pay for things… :’)


I got him something simple.

(my cam managed to make it look like daylight outside)


Agnès B bracelet. I think it suits him esp when stacked with the watch :)

Agnès B prices are slightly cheaper in HK…


First meal in HK. Meals like these come up to around SGD30.


♡ it rained every day when we were there.


Lol some shopping. I SUPER LOVE the sasa and Bonjour stores!!! The things there are so much cheaper than Sg’s omg!! For example, the Biore sunblock is SGD18 in SG but SGD9+ over there in HK. Siao right… Half price.

The dragonball baby clothes are for my baby nephew ♡ haha my brother would love them cos we were big fans of Dragonball.


Cha chan tenggg


海鮮湯飯. Good.


Roasted porkie.

All meat dishes are obviously not mine.


I just love spending time with you. Holding hands strolling the streets in rainy and cold weather is one of the best things ever ♡


Taking the ferry to Causeway Bay~!


Like a tourist


First thing to do upon reaching Causeway Bay: eat again!


Not much feel to take photos actually cos rainwater makes my hair frizzy. :/


Rice with egg and prawn. I love this type of egg – glossy looking and incredibly smooth. How to cook ah o.o




nom nom nom


Off to Times Square for shopping! Just kidding everything there is so expensive. Equivalent to our MBS the shoppes.

You don’t exactly say “let’s go shopping at MBS”, do you? Unless you’re wealthy. Hahaha.





Agnès B cafe. I know it’s just to cheat my money but whatever


Idk why but I was brought up to always have my own share of food. And when I have meals outside, I ALWAYS order a drink. Even when I’m with Nick, we would have one each… many times we end up not finishing/forcing ourselves to finish and feel bloated after.

I shall learn to SHARE my food/drinks and not to waste food!

The iced chocolate was nice…. It was ard SGD7 each. Okay bah similar to Starbucks. (something I don’t drink often)


Chose the cutest cake hehe ♡ It was pistachio flavoured and all moussy inside. Pretty nice.


Let’s take pics with the bear


I love Hong Kong. Let’s go there again okay babi?


Supper at a random cha chan teng near hotel. Sliced fish congee.. Yummy


Overall I spent around SGD500 in less than 2 days… for only shopping. I can’t seem to calculate the prices properly man… Bought a necklace that’s HKD88 and thought to myself “woah, cheap, buy” but after that I realised it’s around SGD13?

I think I kept confusing the exchange rate with Bangkok’s!!! AHHH


Etude House minnie blush! So cute and not available in Sg.


So cute even though I won’t use it..


Candydoll blush. It’s SGD25.90 in our Watsons and only SGD15 in HK! Wooo


Lovely colours ♡

Lazy to take pics of my other hauls.. Why don’t you follow me on instagram? @bebizhou





Picture taken in Hong Kong’s Wooloomooloo Steakhouse restaurant, 21st floor! Laziness to blog is creeping up again although my biggest fan Nick still checks my blog every day. Hahahahaa.

Super love this pair of contact lenses cos they look so striking even from far :D

K back to doing assignments bye


Sorry uh another rant cos it makes me feel better to churn it out :P it’s gonna be boring don’t read lol


Last weekday my phone was bombarded with loads of texts and I learned that one of my group mates wants to change to another project that has a diploma scholar in it. My first reply was “Ok. Let me know when you change so I can find a new member” hahaha but really, the person is not indispensable.

Afterwards the guy, WQ, spoke in the whatsapp group chat and said that another classmate, SH, swapped his bag to another seat in the class (he was sitting beside her originally) and he felt upset about it. We were all like ???? then he said it happened A FEW WEEKS AGO. Wtf… you’re 24 years old. If you were upset, why couldn’t you voice it out straightaway? Must wait a few weeks and bottle your anger? Anyway. SH denied about the incident and I believe her (although I did not say it out cos I don’t know the truth) cos she isn’t the type of person to do that type of things at all. WQ was adamant that SH did it although he has no proof and did not even personally see it with his own eyes. He said another guy, D, told him about it but D has forgotten since it’s a few weeks ago! ANYWAY…. EVEN IF it was true, wtf have you to be so upset about? NI JI SUI LIAO??

That is the first issue that created a wedge between us. Following is another matter, also happened a few weeks ago.

SH and I went to a cafe and asked WQ and the rest to join us. They declined and went off to have lunch on their own. When we reached the cafe, WQ texted us that he had lunch and wanted to come over to meet us together with D. We were like uhh okay since there will be 2 girls and 2 guys right. Suddenly D didn’t want to come anymore so we told WQ not to come cos we all already had lunch… What are we gonna do? Shopping? It was WQ himself that said before it’s awkward to be the sole guy. SH and I were gonna go home anyway, what’s the point of asking him to come? Sorry if it’s confusing haha turns out WQ got angry that day just cos we told him don’t need to come anymore. I’ve never seen a more petty guy than this.

And then he spread around the class that SH dislikes him, which isn’t true at all. I don’t think he’s even important enough to enter her thoughts lolll.

Above are WQ’s matters with SH. Following will be mine.

WQ told the scholar group that D and I always skip class and that our group is pointless cos the assignment deadline is 11 April. (seriously, it’s only 2000 words long divided by 4 people. How long you want to take??? Wth) I wasn’t pissed when he said that cos it’s the truth. But c’mon, tell me straight to the face. When I confronted him (the others told me) he hem-hawed and said “did they tell you I said you’re smart also” lol don’t criticise then praise one.

A mutual friend, N, got to know about this matter cos we were all close friends (in diploma) and she agreed that WQ is being a childish fuck. She screenshot-ed her convo with WQ and all he said was “Tammy said I only care about score” “but I care about friendship de” “nvm since they don’t appreciate me I got nth to say

I did not once said he only cared about scores (although it seemed blindingly so). He’s the type of person who uses the ad hominem approach in arguments, attacking the person instead of focusing on facts. Very tired to quarrel with these type of people cos they’re either stupid or act innocent/indignant and are….. just dumb. Simi I don’t appreciate you? Is you leh you wanted to change group! Damn pro in turning tables around. I merely congratulated him for changing group and said it’s better cos “my poor grades will only drag you down”. HAHA. Sarcastic yeah but seriously I don’t need him. He also anyhow bom that SH treats him like a “poor guy”. SH is from a wealthy Indonesian family but she is one of the nicest, down-to-earth, and calm people I know and she never judges people based on their financial status. See?? This guy just attacks people mindlessly.

So his ultimate reason for changing group is cos “SH dislikes him”. Honestly the above two reasons are so fucking childish that I’m stunned. The swapped bag and cafe day thing .____. are you 24 or 4? When he spoke in the group chat and I responded, his immediate reaction was “Tammy you on whose side”

Aren’t we all friends? Why are you so childish to ask these type of qn wtf. So insecure and eager for people to take your side when matured adults look at facts instead of siding blindly.

My guess is he really wanted to get into the scholar group so he squeezed out some lame excuses to make them as reasons. He attacked SH cos D is closer to him, I’m in the same marketing major while SH will be separated from him soon since she’s taking another major. He himself admitted as well when I asked him why only did he say it out NOW -_- what a friend.

Now he told the mutual friend N that he has other new friends and “other group he can jump to” when she said “next time you’ll still be in the same class as Tammy leh”. Haha sorry but I don’t care. I possess a strong individualistic character in school and you’re not Ke Zhen Dong or smth, don’t so haolian.

The scholar group is consisted of nice (and hardworking) type of people and they agreed that he’s being a kid but they had to take him in cos SH and I don’t want him to be in our group anymore. Before we really thrashed it out he still kept saying “i stay in the group bah” “nvm bah” haha fuck you la.

I agree that working with a (nice) scholar is good, but your actions have disgusted me and I’ll prove that you’re wrong. Lol. I always knew you were kiasu (he went to add all Marketing people on facebook wtf) but you think too highly of yourself. Your English is fucken broken. If we get into the same marketing class, I’ll rather do everything on my own than to see your face.

Anyway now he’s acting like the victim. Siao right this guy my uni life was so peaceful one. I HATE IT when people act like the victim!! Argh. If you have balls, stand by your rights or keep quiet. Acting like the innocent is the most annoying shit ever. “mommy tammy says i only care about score wuuuus”

Cheebai _|_

Next post will be a happy one! Wooooo


So angry now I have to let it out. THIS HAS BEEN A PET PEEVE OF MINE FOR THE LONGEST TIME.

When you sit on the INNER seat in a public bus, and it’s your turn to alight (but not the stranger sitting next to you’s turn) usually people will swing their legs to the side so the person on the inner seat can squeeze out?

I hate doing that. Honestly. Especially when the stranger sitting on the OUTER seat is a male.


This middle-aged uncle sat beside me when there are other empty seats. It irked me but fine. Before my stop I pressed the button and he didn’t show any signs of moving, just staring stoically straight ahead.

When the bus stopped, I stood up and he swung his legs to the side. Now.. He is tall, not like those frail white-haired elderly man. I thought to myself no way am I gonna squeeze through and establish body contact with you pls. I don’t care whether I’m pretty or ugly or skinny or fat, I just hate touching strangers and vice versa.

So I told him “Sorry there isn’t enough space. Can you please stand up so I can get through?” He opened his eyes big and exclaimed “Squeeze through la! You very big size meh?” FUCK LA

Say until so easy isn’t it? How gentlemanly are you? We are strangers of the opposite genders and most guys think it is okay to brush against girls. FUCK YOU LA. I don’t care whether your intention is to touch me or not or whether I’m Tyra Banks or the 200 pounds beauty, I THEN DON’T WANNA SQUEEZE AGAINST YOU

I stared at him and said “No there isn’t enough space. Please stand up.” By this time, the bus had already stopped and he still REFUSED to move. I was panicking at missing my stop so in the end I squeezed through >:( But it was too late and the bus had started to move on. I don’t know if there was body contact or not cos I was too angry and just wanted to get out lol. Anyway, fuck this cheebye uncle. Fuck him. This is the first time I encountered this. Usually guys will stand up automatically from what I experienced… Even if they don’t, if the girl requests for them to, MOST guys would just do it even if they don’t see the need to.

It’s such a big disadvantage for girls. I don’t want your face at my butt -.- Maybe some people will think I’m overly anal but I just hate it when girls are so…. vulnerable in such situations. Sometimes I hate being a girl. LOL. I think I have male hormones in me -_-


He hurried off after alighting cos I was shooting daggers at him. I regret not going up to him and give him a piece of mind. I should have done so.

Anyway a Malay auntie alighted at the same stop too and she said she felt angry for me lol. I don’t know if other girls feel the same way as me, are there any? Sigh. We have to learn to be tough!!!!!!

Doubt it’ll help anyone, but this uncle is a Chinese male probably 50 plus years old, with black hair + some white strands and looks around 175-178 cm. He is bespectacled, and wore a white short-sleeved buttoned shirt and long black pants with sandals. He has some moustache stubble. The bus was number 4 from Tampines Interchange.

The reason why I can remember so much about his appearance is cos he kept turning to look at me and when I stared back he immediately looked away. If not I rather look at pics of my bf pls.


Sometimes I dislike wearing shorts or skirts too. I KNOW, I’m not angelababy and nobody cares whether I do or not. But I just feel people staring at my legs LOL am I too er xin? Mom said cos my legs are too fair.

It’s normal for people to look or glance I guess, but STARING is a different matter altogether. It always happens in trains.

END OF RANT. Once again I’m not angelababy or SNSD but I’m a girl with girl rights too. It doesn’t matter even if I’m a pimply fat sweaty butch, it’s just not right for guys to think they can take advantage of girls easily and sneakily.









Photobooth pics are the best. Slightly pixelated to conceal all flaws, hehe

Photo on 13-3-14 at 3.07 PM

Love my contact lenses – Freshlook Color Fusion in Hippie Chestnut. It does not have a black limbal ring which I prefer.

Photo on 13-3-14 at 2.52 PM

Lol super hiao pose

Photo on 13-3-14 at 3.06 PM

Bought a hair straightener from the Wisma Atria pushcart (in front of Victoria’s Secret) last September and I really love it. It costed $150 which was way over my budget, but worth every cent.

I asked the salesperson to demostrate on my hair and was sold. n_n It can be used to create curls too!

17 more days to Hong Kong :D :D