Hen’s Morning

One of the girls I met in the world of Mayday fandom just got married. In a blink of an eye I have already known them for (almost) 6 years. Happy for her! We used to like Guai Shou the most but I’ve migrated to Ashin since. Lol.

Since we aren’t the hardcore partying types (some hen’s night include asking the bride to do crazy stuff etc), a photo shoot was settled. It’d be nice to keep the photos as memories.

Well some things I realised after the photoshoot

1. I look fatter in photos taken by professional cameras. (obviously I know I’m nowhere near fat but just bigger in dslr taken photos ok?)

2. I CANNOT pose in front of a stranger. In my own room, in front of my mirror, I am probably America’s Next Top Model (to myself) but nah in front of a photographer.

3. I hate my side profile. My jaw protrudes.

Well, without further ado, some of the photos. We took the photos at Singapore Indoor Stadium/Sports Hub outdoors and Changi Airport, cos those places are where we first met. I much prefer the photos taken at the airport… I felt better physically there too cos it was TOO HOT at the stadiums.



MAYDAY (128)

MAYDAY (142)

I hunchback :( :(

MAYDAY (151)

Gawking at the bride.

MAYDAY (152)

My ootd:

Leather runner shorts: H&M
Sneaker wedges: Styledasher
Gold watch: Casio
Berry lips: YSL Glossy Stain #1

MAYDAY (153)

Loveee the airport! What a nice place for photoshoots. Nobody stared rudely either. Maybe cos it is a place filled with many tourists that’s why we didn’t give much thought to it also

MAYDAY (176)

MAYDAY (183)

MAYDAY (196)

May Kristine have a happy marriage with her hubby! ♡



This blog is like a dumping ground for photos. Haha.

This is a series of collective hauls, meaning I didn’t buy all at once. Not that I can afford to. :s


Avene Thermal Spring Water, the mini sized. Used to spray it on face only whenever I feel tired but the whole can was used up during the Mayday f1 night. It felt shiok to spray on legs and arms :’DDDD

I honestly can’t tell the difference between this and water though.


Kate Slim Create Powder for Cover


I never used to be bothered with bronzers and contouring because who wants to look muddy brown? Well I was wrong. Contouring can do a whole lotta difference.


Many bloggers say it’s hard to go wrong with this product cos its pigmentation is just right for asian skins. I agree it’s hard to go wrong cos it’s so freakin sheer. The above swatch was done with MANY swipes. I would recommend this to geishas.

It looks alright on me though. Heh.


Real Techniques powder brush. Soft and big enough.


Don’t need to waste money buying expensive brushes when drugstore ones are just as good..


Samantha Chapman, known as Pixiwoo, the creator of Real Techniques. She’s a youtuber.


Innisfree Long Wear BB Cream SPF30 PA++. True to its name, the longevity of the BB cream was decent. The only flaw is the bad oil control. I guess Koreans prefer dewy skin? By 1 hour after applying (or maybe even lesser) my face was shining like a grease ball. Nothing blotting can’t help but sian lol.

Woes of oily skin.


Chose the lightest shade and it is indeed quite fair… A bit too fair for me.


Innisfree eyeshadow blending brush. Imo quite useless. I guess I’m not the type to use 457438 brushes for eyes… I prefer using fingers.


Eeeps sorry for the yellow lighting. I was so lazy that I couldn’t even stand up to switch on the other white light. LOL.

White Label spot corrector thingy..


Tbh after using this for a few weeks some spots (fresh from recent blemishes) did fade. Can’t give it all credit though cos I mask like crazy.


Had a zit one fine day so I decided to get rid of it. By using Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment Cream. This thing proved to be too potent for my skin.. My skin went red and rough just after ONE use. It went straight to the bin.

Be patient young padawans. There’s no escalators to success, only stairs. #anyhow


L’Oreal Youth Code Rejuvenating Eye Essence. My 2nd bottle. It’s lightweight and simply perfect to use before makeup and sleep. I hate slathering on heavy creams; makes the skin feel clogged.

I wanted to buy Estee Lauder’s eye serum initially but that felt the same as this L’Oreal one? Wtf. The price is almost three times more.


Sephora lip bag. Consists of 2 full sized and 3 minis.


I got it mainly for the mini Givenchy one (in the black box).

The middle one, NYX butter lipstick, is pure rubbish. Get it if you like the feeling of drying paint on your lips.


This deserves more attention <3


It is just so cuteeeee


Etude House Proof 10 Gelquid Liner. Touted to be gel+liquid liner into one. The formula is long lasting and pigmented which I love.. The thing that spoiled it is the texture. It’s thick and gloopy :( The brush applicator doesn’t help either.

I wish some brand will make a decent pigmented red liquid eyeliner in PEN form.


My previous Gelish nails. Most cute set I had so far hahahahaha


Yay back to normal lighting. MAC cosmetics lipstick in Sushi Kiss.



It’s a really, really, really nice colour. And I love the name of it.

This is my second Mac lipstick and my last. It’s waaay too drying oh dear :(


Lancome Mat Miracle 24H foundation. I had sworn off foundations since 2010 where I first discovered BB creams (Skin 79’s to be exact). But I realised I need one decent long-wearing foundation for important events. Not to be worn daily. I did not keep up with the releases of foundations but this Lancome one was raved by beauty bloggers again and again. And I trust those beauty bloggers. Only a few. 


Verdict? I do like it overall. But would not repurchase. The finish is not overly matte but with a sheen. Pretty nice. I thought it was good during the Mayday F1 concert day cos I sweated buckets yet still looked decent at the end of more than 12 hours.

However, whenever I wear it out on normal days, my skin would oil up within 2 hours or so. WHY AH?? I do use a setting powder. Sigh…

I really need a POWERFUL oil-controlling base product. I hate feeling oily and greasy like cod fish whenever I’m out. :(


With that being said, the foundation is still pretty good. Quite long wearing.

Then I might as well just use the Innisfree BB cream hor? Lol.


Canmake Cover&Stretch Concealer. I use it daily that the wordings are all faded…

It lasts well through sweat and oil BUT the colour is off.


It does oxidise and when it happens, becomes slightly too orange and dark for me.




Inglot opened in Wisma Atria. So many new brands in Sg omg I’m getting dizzy and eggcited


I got only an eyeshadow. $12, which surprised me. I expected it to be higher… C’mon Mac’s single eyeshadow is $26! Different brands but I thought it’d be near that price.


The quality is impressive, especially for that price. All eyeshadows do not come with casings as there are customisable palettes available for purchase. I didn’t buy the single casing as it costs almost as much as the eyeshadow itself. And I wasn’t ready to splash more on the brand yet.

Maybe, maybe..


FERvEOR Multi-Plant Hair Solution. A hair serum. Want your hair to smell like it’s blow-dried in a salon? Get this. It has the “salon” smell which I LOOOOVE

Doesn’t feel greasy and heavy on hair as well. But bear in mind my hair is as dry as a lion’s mane


Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk in RD306


The brand opened its largest flagship store in WISMA ATRIA. *sg pride* lolol

I went there today and was overwhelmed. Flabbergasted at how pink and fairytale-like the entire store is; complete with a huge dollhouse, life-sized princess carriage, photobooth, purikura machine, spacious makeup area, vending machines.

I’m not sure if a minimum spending is needed but I was given a bracelet with my purchase, along with a pink Etude House coin to be used for the vending machine.

The capsules in the machine contain a charm for you to fill up the bracelet. Very simple yet creative. Thumbs up to Etude House!!!


I don’t have the urge to fill up the bracelet, luckily.

Anyway I digressed


Swatch of the lippie. I’m in love. It’s darker than this tho.


Got a mini Color Pop lip tint for… guess… only S$4! Love the idea of minis cos we never use up lip products anyway.


Size in comparison to the lipstick


Yup I’m currently obsessing over such colours. FALL is arriving yo


My Beauty Tool powder brush.


I don’t own many brushes but had felt a lot of them before… The softest I thought belongs to Make Up For Ever’s brush line.

Until I touched this seemingly innocent Etude House brush.


My holy god, this is by far the SOFTEST brush I’ve ever seen and felt. Make Up For Ever’s brushes cost something like $90 each… I would never buy.

This Etude House brush costs $15.90. You’re welcome.


It made my Real Techniques brush feel so rough although it isn’t.



Seems like it’s the only brush to own this softness though. I felt the slanted contour brush and duo fibre brush and they are normal. Not scratchy, but nowhere near this level of angelic softness.


Cookie blusher in Peach Parfait. I use the puff to apply most of the time.


Left: Grapefruit Jelly

Right: Peach Parfait

I only like matte blushes.


Innisfree Jeju lotus hand cream. Smells like baby powder, fresh and light.


Innisfree liptint 



Not bad quite nice.


Okay ending with my cat. Bye!


20 facts about me.

My friend tagged me on Instagram but I shall post here instead as I am quite loh soh. Lol.


I LOVE it when my cat lies down like this. It’s super lazy and cute laaa


1. I have a tendency to walk fast. Many friends (ok, 2) have said this.

2. My left feet is slightly smaller than my right so my left footwear tend to fall out sometimes while walking. Lmao.

3. I have a high metabolism rate – hafta poop everyday. I’m lucky!

4. I have been dyeing my hair consistently since 2006. It is really bad and I’m going to stop once and for all in 2014.

5. My fav fashion brands are Saint Laurent and Givenchy although I cannot afford them. Yet. (Who knows what’s in the future?)

6. My nails have to have nail polish or gelish on. HAVE TO.

7. My footwear size is 39 and depending on brands, can go up to 41. Horrors.

8. I rarely wear heels because they hurt my giant feet terribly.

9. At one point in 2007 where I was 15 – I thought I was gonna turn into a lesbian. I never told anyone this. Got to know this girl residing in the states named Michelle through Jcnet and we fangirl-ed over Fahrenheit and Jay together and bonded quickly. We spoke everyday on MSN and even exchanged ‘I love yous’. O_O Anyway, she was quite mysterious and never showed me her photo etc. I really liked her a lot then but we lost contact when Jcnet met its downfall.. Other Jcnet peeps are in my fb’s friend list but she is not. I wonder how she is doing!

No, she couldn’t be a 50 year old ah peh hiding behind the computer. I spoke to her so much during those months and I know.

10. I actually like drinking alcohol. Especially Martell, yummy!

11. If you don’t already know, I’m a skincare junkie..

12. People used to say I look like Jolin Tsai. Those comments have stopped though. Why arh. I still think look like leh. LOL.

13. When my cat Sleepy ascends to heaven, I won’t be getting another pet. This is my decision for now… Although it hasn’t happened yet (TOUCHWOODDD!), I know it’ll be devastating for me and my family. And I can’t imagine if it happens to another pet again. I treat pets as family <3

14. My fav Instagram account to stalk is “juntowa”. Surprisingly, it is more of a dog than cat account. The dogs are of Japanese chin breed and I SWEAR THEY ARE THE CUTEST! Not the fluffy angelic kind of cute, but the ugly-but-adorable kind. See and you will know!!!! Nick and I are obsessed with the doggies.

15. I have attended concerts of Jay Chou, Mayday, Wang Leehom, Fahrenheit, Rain, Angela Zhang, 金曲獎, Rock Records concert. Yup I just bragged. My fav live singer is my one and only Jay of course ♡

If I have cash to spare, I would like to go for Jam Hsiao’s, S.H.E’s, Jolin Tsai’s…

16. I have the same birthday as Mayday’s Ashin ♡

17. I haven’t cried for a long time. I attribute this to my amazing bf who tries to make me happy always. I love him.

18. Contrary to the previous fact, my life is not perfect and I do break down when I’m stressed. Over finances, studies, weight, everything.. I know I’m not having the worst though and I do cheer myself up through activities like shopping, movies with friends, etc.

19. I love steamboats.





Dunno why I always got the feel to blog in the midst of doing assignments. It’s as if I wanna avoid doing lmfao





Even had time for a selfie in the morning XD

Went for Mayday’s F1 concert at Padang on 19 Sep. I didn’t want to go initially (no interest in such outdoor concerts seriously, not for Jay’s either) but the early bird ticket was only S$38 (even then I rejected and only had a ticket when my friend’s friend pulled out lol).

Friends who were free decided to queue from 11-freaking-AM in the morning. Which means, 12 HOURS OF QUEUING TIME OUTDOORS! I was free the whole day so I went along… Which I kinda regretted. It was worth it, considering Mayday put up a great 2 hr show, but I’ve gone to so many of their concerts already (more than Jay’s omg) that I got tired in the middle of the concert :X

Boy, was the sun BLAZING HOT during the afternoon. It shone mercilessly and we struggled to hide in our umbrellas like snails being provoked. I brought facial mist, sunblock, portable fan (bought from Jay’s concert for like $10 or smth, super useless no wind at all), and GATSBY ICY WIPES THAT SAVED OUR LIVES. Gatsby marketed them as akin to “giving yourself a bath” after using. It did feel like it and left a minty refreshing feeling on the skin haha. I used almost 2 packets (10 sheets each) in 12 hours.

Super buay tahan the cheena girls behind us though. They reminded me of The Walking Dead’s walkers when they marched up briskly once the person announced for the audience to stand and tried to cut our queue. Eh you not my friend and lim bu queued for 11 hours okay so I told them off. After that they kept complaining we were too tall for them HAHAHAHA. I am 165cm, perhaps just slightly taller than average but my friend was 172cm LOL. Who cares.

When the concert ended they exclaimed non stop behind my ear ”我不想走!我不想走!“ YOU SAY ANNOYING OR NOT

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.50.32 PM

With Abigail and Huixin after Etude House’s dry shampoo and Gatsby icy wipes. We also reapplied sunblock a few times haha. Normally I can’t be bothered but you won’t believe how scorching the sun was on that day.

Will I queue for such events again? No. Not even for Jay. I will only go to air-conditioned concerts. The urge to go for every event (including 接機 at airport) has long diminished. I no longer have the energy to that of a young fangirl. D:

My love for their music has never ever changed though.

p/s: Lancome’s Mat Miracle foundation held up pretty well despite my constant perspiration for 12 hours!!! Not bad. Some claim Dior’s Star foundation is even better in oil control, but seeing that it costs S$78 I think I shall try to appreciate dewy skin.

Photo on 11-7-14 at 1.43 PM #2

Random photo of my classmate and I…. Next term we would be separated already cos she’s majoring in Management while me in Marketing. D:


To my dear babipie Nick who’s in reservist now: I miss you very much although we met on weekends. I miss you every single time we are apart (physically only la, in the heart we are never apart). Can’t wait for this to finish so we can go explore the new cafe at Expo. So we can watch movies again. I love you so much that given a choice between you and Jay Chou I would choose you hands down. That’s a whole new level.

Muacks <3

Kose Sekkisei Whitening Mask



It’s a peel off mask that removes whiteheads, blackheads, and other impurities.. Oh and of course facial hair. There’s another one in the Seikisho range by Kose as well but I think there’s no difference after having used both.

This review is actually insignificant because this product is darn famous and there are tons of pretty accurate reviews online already. But it’s my HG (holy grail) that I’ve repurchased countless times so hafta talk bout it!


It’s a black, gooey and thick liquid that you spread all over the face (excluding eye area; it’s too fragile for this!) and wait for approximately 20 minutes before peeling it off. Instead of grandmother story I shall just list the pros and cons:


  • Removes whiteheads and facial hair well
  • Affordable – it comes in two tube sizes: small is S$35 and big is $50-60? Not sure.
  • Face becomes much smoother and brighter after using
  • Convenient tube packaging


  • Doesn’t remove blackheads that well, I still prefer Biore pore strips for that
  • Peeling process can be painful for some. I think it’s alright though.


All in all, a lovely product that I’ll repurchase till it stops production or something. That are other similar products in the market but with much higher price tags.. Such as Rodial’s. So I’ll stick to this as the performance, price and packaging are perfect to me. :)


I miss Hong Kong badly. Although this pic looks like I’m in London instead.. lmao


My new favourite singer.

^ Most loved two performances from her. I am aware of her existence all along but didn’t venture further….. She gained a whole lot more exposure through 我是歌手 and her song 泡沫 (WHICH I LOVE OMG I SING IN KTV ALTHOUGH I SUCK HAHA MY POOR BF’S AND FRIENDS’ EARS)

My favourite female vocals are still Ding Dang’s, A Lin’s, and Hebe’s but GEM is very very close. She sounds like she has giant lungs… I love her singing so much.


Been singing so much K (lol sound damn singaporean) recently. Happy sia. K SUITES IS THE BEST! Charge me kod or weekend charge also nvm! Though not for everyday, singing + drinking combined is the finest activity to enjoy in life.

Nick I know you are reading this, let’s go showcase our beautiful vocals to each other soon.

/so lazy to update properly, too much backlog D:/

NUS big ah


My elder sister’s graduated from NUS! Honestly dunno how she did it cos she was always sleeping…?!

Here’s a comparison of universities (that I know/interested in) IN MY OWN THOUGHTS, might not be close to the truth at all but just what I think:

(I know I’m just a normal student in a private uni.)

1. NUS – Touted as the most prestigious in the country. It is, I guess. Not easy to get in (for me la duh).
2. NTU – 2nd most prestigious and usually the second choice for people who can’t get in to NUS. (I DUNNO TRUE OR NOT. JUST GUESSIN’ AND SAYIN’ AND YES I WAS FROM ITE SO I SHOULD SHUT UP) Anyway I realise that many teachers are from NTU.
3.  SMU – The one known with “many angmoh teachers”. School fees are a freakin’ bomb. Very good location – beside Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.
4.  SIM – The one that many local students go to after poly. SIM is a private university but doesn’t feel like it due to the amount of locals… Mom wanted me to go SIM initially but I refused cos of the location. I know, I don’t deserve my life
5. KAPLAN – Duhhh. The one with a huge truckload of foreign students, probably due to the short duration of courses and convenient location. I realised that Kaplan is quite shrewd; they accept (mainly foreign) students whose English suck terribly into the diploma courses. Then let them pass (without flying colours – just pass only) and proceed to the degree level, where they get strict with them. And then the students fail horribly. D:

I know I shouldn’t be so pessimistic, but after attending my sister’s graduation ceremony I realised there are many people with degree certificates now. Even NUS ones. So mine is practically nothing. Other than the cert, good character and capable skills are mandatory to land yourself a good job. I don’t expect to get like 4k (like what my local peer is expecting. Lululz) as salary just because I have a degree cert. Unless I’m lucky la, I wish.

Moral of the story – It is important to be down-to-earth, not only because your cert is actually nothing valuable, but because a good character is rare.. Rarer than a degree cert.