My new favourite singer.

^ Most loved two performances from her. I am aware of her existence all along but didn’t venture further….. She gained a whole lot more exposure through 我是歌手 and her song 泡沫 (WHICH I LOVE OMG I SING IN KTV ALTHOUGH I SUCK HAHA MY POOR BF’S AND FRIENDS’ EARS)

My favourite female vocals are still Ding Dang’s, A Lin’s, and Hebe’s but GEM is very very close. She sounds like she has giant lungs… I love her singing so much.


Been singing so much K (lol sound damn singaporean) recently. Happy sia. K SUITES IS THE BEST! Charge me kod or weekend charge also nvm! Though not for everyday, singing + drinking combined is the finest activity to enjoy in life.

Nick I know you are reading this, let’s go showcase our beautiful vocals to each other soon.

/so lazy to update properly, too much backlog D:/

NUS big ah


My elder sister’s graduated from NUS! Honestly dunno how she did it cos she was always sleeping…?!

Here’s a comparison of universities (that I know/interested in) IN MY OWN THOUGHTS, might not be close to the truth at all but just what I think:

(I know I’m just a normal student in a private uni.)

1. NUS – Touted as the most prestigious in the country. It is, I guess. Not easy to get in (for me la duh).
2. NTU – 2nd most prestigious and usually the second choice for people who can’t get in to NUS. (I DUNNO TRUE OR NOT. JUST GUESSIN’ AND SAYIN’ AND YES I WAS FROM ITE SO I SHOULD SHUT UP) Anyway I realise that many teachers are from NTU.
3.  SMU – The one known with “many angmoh teachers”. School fees are a freakin’ bomb. Very good location – beside Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.
4.  SIM – The one that many local students go to after poly. SIM is a private university but doesn’t feel like it due to the amount of locals… Mom wanted me to go SIM initially but I refused cos of the location. I know, I don’t deserve my life
5. KAPLAN – Duhhh. The one with a huge truckload of foreign students, probably due to the short duration of courses and convenient location. I realised that Kaplan is quite shrewd; they accept (mainly foreign) students whose English suck terribly into the diploma courses. Then let them pass (without flying colours – just pass only) and proceed to the degree level, where they get strict with them. And then the students fail horribly. D:

I know I shouldn’t be so pessimistic, but after attending my sister’s graduation ceremony I realised there are many people with degree certificates now. Even NUS ones. So mine is practically nothing. Other than the cert, good character and capable skills are mandatory to land yourself a good job. I don’t expect to get like 4k (like what my local peer is expecting. Lululz) as salary just because I have a degree cert. Unless I’m lucky la, I wish.

Moral of the story – It is important to be down-to-earth, not only because your cert is actually nothing valuable, but because a good character is rare.. Rarer than a degree cert.


Topper’s Jack

Lol, just saw that someone came here from the search “Insiro starhub”. Hi I’ve left the company for more than 2 years and I was in it for less than 2 months only. Whatever information that might be found in my archives may not be accurate because I was an immature young lady at that point of time. WAS.

It’s a good company! And I’m still in contact with one of the employees working there now who will be going to Jay’s concert with me! :D


As usual, today’s post will be either about random or beauty stuff. No fancy picture-perfect ootds ok?! Lololol


Random buy. Silkygirl lipstick – after discount $5.50. Love orangey shades but this dried out my lips.


Olay Aquaction long lasting hydration gel and the deep hydrating dew – a toner.

Finished my first tub :D  After buying these separately I went to watsons the next day and saw it being sold as a set for much cheaper… The difference is $13 perhaps? Dafug

I like the toner as well


It makes the skin soft and ‘ready’ for skincare! Woot!


Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder. I bought quite a lot of stuff from Innisfree recently… Their recipe capsule packs are quite lovely. Lazy to photograph them cos they’re in the washroom lol

Anyway. This powder tub is quite tiny but extremely affordable at SGD10. As someone with terribly oily skin, I love to pat this on the face to reduce shine. It’s okay la.. I still get oily. Hahahaha.


It’s good to bring out though due to the size. The powder only comes in one shade – white – and I think it would suit fair skin tones more.


Givenchy lipgloss in 06


Love the logo. Oriental feel


I love the fashion brand soooo much. If only it’s not so expensive.


Other than the brand, packaging, and colour, there’s nothing I like about this lipgloss. It goes on streaky and is drying, oh dear.


Shu Uemura eyeshadow in Vivid Green


Laneige eyeshadow in gold khaki



I’m impressed by Laneige’s. Smooth and soft.
Vivid Green is smooth too but not that pigmented… Which is fine in my books actually. I’m not into theatre makeup


Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow


In Blue Moon. Haven’t touched it.


Bobbi Brown lipgloss in Black Pearl


Clinique chubby stick in 13 Mighty Mimosa. I like this! Indeed moisturising on the lips! Got two more colours but gave to ma mom and sis


K Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow in Brown. I wanted to get the eyeliner but took the wrong product >:( and the cashier didn’t give me receipt so…

Reminder to myself: Get a receipt ALWAYS, and keep your eyes peeled


YSL glossy stain in #1.



  • Doesn’t feel drying
  • Pigmented
  • Nice colour
  • Not thick or gloopy. Literally stains the lips only.


Wearing it in this photo. It looks wet and “juicy” but my lips weren’t wet or sticky at all… Felt like I wasn’t having any product on. Also I kissed Nick and his lips weren’t stained! YAY! Due to its nature (of being a lip stain), the staying power was KICKASS STRONG.. It didn’t transfer to cups or straws as well!

The ONLY flaw, I guess, is that it can apply rather unevenly. I had to use my finger to spread it out. But it’s nothing really






The weather is so sweltering hot recently that I’m all about shorts and opened toe footwear. Also yes Trust In My Spending Power HAHAHAHAHA


Love this necklace, a gift from the Mayday peeps from their hk trip.

It has a cat head


Why, hello there, you fluffy cutie sweetie major squishy pie




Just feel like posting a bigass photo of myself. Wearing my fav pair of contact lenses.


I don’t actually feel like talking about this, but feel obliged to address this matter on my blog since I’m Jay’s biggest fan. Lol.

A few years before he promised to get married by age 35. (Dunno who the fuck he wants to promise to. Lol) He was like 28 then and I was still an innocent secondary school girl who didn’t think much of that stupid promise. Fast forward years later HE’S SUDDENLY 34 ALREADY

I realised I remember the damned promise. Together with my friend who’s as crazy for him as I am. (More rational, though) After his 34th birthday we were dreading (yet expecting) news of his supposed marriage. Technically he didn’t make the promise to Hannah so he shouldn’t keep it sia… Anyway I know his character. He wants to keep to his word of getting married by age 35, because he simply couldn’t stand the thought of everyone saying “周杰倫說三十五歲之前會結婚,騙人的”. And since he has a gf now.. A chio one in fact… Why not get married?

She’s 21 this year, one year younger than I am. (But looks older hehe) I don’t know much about her other than the fact that she has a good figure… I know it’s quite unfair to judge like that but she seems too immature and unsuitable for Jay. Looks are important, I know, but they don’t last forever. Jay himself said that marriage is for a lifetime, and that it will happen only ONCE. I honestly don’t want him to have a divorce record. That’s too much of an assumption but I seriously don’t think they can last. DOES SHE EVEN LISTEN TO ALL HIS SONGS AND REMEMBER THEM BY HEART? HE MENTIONED THAT HIS GIRL MUST BE ABLE TO. LOL! WHAT A CHAUVINISTIC MAN.

I can, btw. I can’t say that I’m saddened by this piece of news as I’m in a relationship with the most wonderful guy, but it’s like an upcoming catastrophe that I don’t want to see happening. OH god can anyone give proper advice to him?!??! Or maybe… She will turn out to be a good wife after all? D: I am confused. I hope she says no. Hey it’s actually good for her career if she does! SHE WILL 爆紅 FOR REJECTING JAY CHOU CAN?

He’s someone I’ve liked for more than a decade. He might be just a singer to many, but he’s more than that to me, and his happiness matters… to me.


After all the blabbering.. Anyone wants these tickets?


Curious little beasty

Haven’t been here for the looongest time. Been so busy doing assignments and just lazying around :D Sometimes I really admire those hardworking bloggers who churn out so many entries within a short period of time. It really ain’t easy y’all. Maybe the motivation is profits la which I don’t have. LOL.

Gonna be a random entry with random photos


Oh my babypie <3333

The peeled thingie is my iPad. I haven’t changed the cover since getting it 2 years ago… Cos I don’t bring it out ma haha.


First time trying a pigmented red lip! They look beautiful on others but I was always afraid to try; scared look like getai singer..

Kinda converted now but I still prefer peachy/orangey shades; my favourite kind of colours for the lips.

Red lips garner stares and I hate it when people do so. I know it might be a compliment – “你不美人家不會看” ok super bhb for typing that sentence out but I just DETEST random strangers staring. It’s SO rude. I glance and peer at others too (those that are worth doing so) but I don’t just stare pointedly oblivious to the person’s reaction.


With my dearest of the dearest.

Our relationship has hit a new level. Previously, I was upset for him for being too “controlling” but somehow both of us changed for the better. He let loose his clutches a little and my temper improved… I understand why he was so jealous last time. Now I just wanna spend all day with him. Hehe. I’m so glad we have each other.

I love you babi. Xx


Stella’s belated birthday celebration and also Waikeat’s farewell NS party! No photos with the bugger though.

What a fun and crazy night… Never put Xuewei and Alina together. You’ll go deaf. Or have to shout at the top of your voice to the person sitting beside you. Hahahahaha!


Told ya this entry is random. Damn, I bought sooo many clothes and shoes these past 2 months >____< Can’t control seriously.

I feel that the most important factor to being a student is motivation. And my motivation is, to plainly and simply put, SHOPPING. I swear it’s like a pair of running shoes that enables me not to only run but machiam fly.



Estee Lauder Pure Color High Gloss in 03 Berry Lush. The shade is amazing, pigmented stuff.


Not colour accurate but I love the gloss although it’s sticky. I usually don’t bother about glosses being sticky but when the wind blows and your hair comes in contact with the gloss it’s annoying.



Maleficent – Watched the trailer and knew I HAVE to watch this by hook or by crooooook. The remake song of Once Upon A Dream by Lana Del Ray is so eerily amazing. I loved Angelina Jolie’s acting (so gorgeous in the show!!!) but somehow am disappointed by the plot. But then again, it’s by Disney… No way would they produce a movie with the lead as a real villain, when kids are their main target audience.

Which is such a bummer. Maleficent would do so great as an evil and dark villain! Which she originally was. (Read in wiki)

I found out about MAC x Maleficent’s collection like yesterday (lull wols) and learnt that it’s sold out. DAMMIT

Transformers: Age of Extinction – 3 hours of numbing goodness. Checked my watch when it hit the 1 hr 30 min mark and I actually panicked cos I thought it’s gonna end… Then I remembered the show is 3 hours and heaved a sigh of relief and continued to immerse myself in the fantastic film. That’s how breathtaking it is. I didn’t want it to end….

This is my fav out of the whole Transformers series. I love how the lead is a single father and how they didn’t focus too much on romance. I’m a serious romantic when it’s with my bf but I don’t like romance or touching films.. (Unless it’s mixed with comedy) so yay! The guy lead, Mark Wahlberg is the guy in Ted! Found him so familiar… His acting skills are good! Anyway his character’s daughter’s bf looks like Seth Rogen HAHA

Love the fighting scenes, love Optimus Prime’s voice, bemused at Li Bingbing’s random scene with Joshua Joyce. The guy playing Joshua Joyce is the scientist who helped Steve Rogers obtain the beautiful body in Captain America: The First Avenger btw. I think he acts sooo well!! Watch and you’ll know what I mean. He’s capable of many expressions. Fit for comedy too lolll

So many bingbings intruding the angmoh film world woohoo/

Edge of Tomorrow – Interesting plot. Tom Cruise has the ability to reset the day when he dies, when he was infected with a liquid from killing an alien. And that ability is what would help humans win the war against aliens… Overall nice film but a bit dizzy when the day and same events kept repeating….

Gasps that’s all… Looking forward to more movies. I wanna thank those directors, producers, scriptwriters, actors, and everyone else involved in making films seriously. Thank you for producing beautiful and lovely movies (whose plots couldn’t have happened in reality) for us commoners to enjoy. I almost feel that SGD13 is too little for a movie session, haha!

I also wish that the world of X-Men, or rather Marvel, is true. Xoxo


X-Men: Days of Future Past

Oh, how long have I waited for this movie!

I am extremely biased towards this movie and all its characters so it obviously received a thumbs up from me… Although I think the plot is a tad too simple. I have watched all previous X-Men movies (thanks to my movie junkie Dad) but have forgotten about all except for X-Men: First Class. I was only in primary school then… lolols!

Anyway I wanna talk about some of the movie’s characters.

1. Hank McCoy / Beast  (っ◕‿◕)っ


Lovey dovey dovey oh oh oh oh


First of all – I am so glad that Nicholas Hoult wasn’t in the Beast costume all the time. We need to see more of that handsome face damnit

I think the character suits him to a T. The part where he peered suspiciously at Wolverine.. oh man. SO cute. And he’s so loyal to Professor X.

He looks so kind, innocent, yet strong at the same time. I don’t know how he’s like in real life but based on several interviews and on his girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence’s views, he’s a shy and nerdy guy. The fact that he isn’t a wild party type who’s doesn’t flirt (well, I do not know for sure la..) is just so goddamn attractive.

His acting skills are not bad… I think he needs more different roles to unleash that potential. But with such a cute puppie face who will give him badass roles?? 凸(¬‿¬)

2. Raven / Mystique 


Man she fits the role amazingly well tooooo. Jennifer Lawrence is 2 years older than I am and so successful… I think she may be an A list celeb already. Love her acting. She’s so seasoned totally can’t tell that she’s only 24 this year!!!!

Mystique is a stubborn one, bent on protecting mutants without thinking the consequences. She is actually considered a villain in the comics and in the past X-Men movies (‘cept for X-Men: First Class). D: I wished she went with Prof X instead of Magneto!

3. Erik Lensherr / Magneto 


A character I don’t have much interest in. I feel Ian McKellen (the old Magneto and Gandalf lol) doesn’t suit the role.. Michael Fassbender is okay.

The character is super guai lan but the power to control steel is kickass.

4. Xavier / Professor X


Somehow I think he looks a lil like Eddy. From K Suites. lol

What can I say? James McAvoy suits the role damn well too. So does Patrick Stewart (the old Prof X).

5. Blink


Portrayed by Fan Bingbing, one of the most popular Chinese actresses. Read that she signed with Marvel for 5 X-Men movies, so we’ll be seeing more of her I guess.

Blink’s powers are unique but caused her own death in the beginning scene.


Lazy to write down any more. Hahahahaha!


Jen and Nic (lol machiam v close with them)

Love them together┏(・o・)┛don’tbreakagainokay

King of Monsters

Caught Godzilla. Overall enjoyed it, but I am perplexed at how the people can cheer and name it “King of Monsters” the next morning after all destruction the monsters caused. Shouldn’t they still be overwhelmed by everything going on? I know it’s Japanese fiction la…

Point form plot of the movie, in my own words:

1. MUTOs (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) and Godzilla discovered by humans.
2. Godzilla smelled MUTOs and arbitrated they must be delicious so decided to hunt them down
3. MUTOs refused to be eaten
4. A fierce fight ensues among the 3 creatures. MUTOs appear to be more agile than Godzilla, whose movement appears quite slow and clumsy. Much stronger though
5. Godzilla manages to defeat the MUTOs but is so exhausted and hungry and probably suffering from gastric that it crashed at a random spot in San Francisco for the night
6. Humans cheer. Godzilla woke up feeling extremely grumpy. Walked dejectedly to the Pacific Ocean feeling emo cos didn’t get to eat its dinner
7. Touted the King of Monsters by foolish humans


The Quiet Ones – The guy in this movie was Finnick from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! No wonder I found him familiar and cute! :D He was also “Philip” from Pirates of Carribean. Yeyyyy I swear I’m a movie addict.


Reminds me of Nicholas Hoult. Both are British. These young actors are so suave and talented (means good in acting la) that I’m so excited! :D

The movie contains some cheap scares but doesn’t leave you feeling terrified after. The girl lead, Olivia Cooke is really pretty and she stole the show with her superb acting skills. But not a must-watch. (No wonder Shaw/GV didn’t show this movie lol)


Some photos =)


Sorry for the blurry photo. This is the aforementioned gelish manicure :D The only complaint I have is the flowers are too big for my liking.

But look at how neat and clean the whole manicure is. I actually took this photo a week after I did it so some cuticles have grown… But the nail surface is so smooth and shiny and the colours applied evenly. This is all I ask for cos I’m not crazy about fancy nail art.

The salon is About Nails at Tampines St 44. Classic plain gelish manicure is $60 and it was $4 per nail for those flowers… I paid $76 in total. Really quite expensive loh but the job was perfect!


Eh random. I love this egg tofu :D


3CE lip pigments in Electro Pink and Bright Orange



Received Electro Pink last Christmas from an aunt and I hesitated to try cos it looks like it’s gonna be drying. Finally tried as a result of boredom and I was blown O_O It’s not thick and not as drying as expected. Wear lip balm underneath and everything should be fine n_n


Not very clear but I have Bright Orange on. I use it more often~


3CE jumbo lip crayon in Bohemian Pink


It’s nubbad but the colour doesn’t really show on my lips


3CE Waterful concealer in the lightest shade. Used it once and it was too yellow… It’s really watery. Lol.


Sugarbunnies lip balm from HK’s Bonjour XD


Elite eyeshadow palette. The shadows are all crumbly


Cat rings from wen wen. I like thick rings.


天長地久 watch from my lovely babi. Not really my style but I do love it. Thanks for always doting and thinking of me.. Love youuuuu <3


Tokidoki bag from Taka sales. Didn’t want to spend money but I really liked it :( and it’s so practical…. and casual for everyday use.


Love the branding and the zipper charm


It’s all about details


Love the strap as well heehee <3


Got a horsey charm. 馬年maa…


Styledasher snake print slip ons. I love slip ons! So comfortable and matchy with a tee and jeans. Wore mine twice and the sides are already dirty oh well..


Tee is from Stage~


Jeans from Forever 21. Can’t believe I’m wearing size 25… I used to be a 28.


Let me review these simply.


Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery cream Whitening: Sticky shit
Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery mousse Water Base: GOOD, used countless of tubes
Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery essence Water Base: Not bad
Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery BB 3D effect: fuckyes


I don’t like foundations and have been using BB/CC creams for a few years now… Sunblock + BB? YES!



Tube packaging my fav


In a light shade too! YEAH

It feels lightweight despite having a thick creamy texture. Have a feeling that I’m gonna stick to this (since it’s affordable at $19.90 as well). I wanna try Kose’s whitening BB though. Hahahaha.


Olay Aquaction long lasting hydration gel. The blue packaging makes me feel more hydrated already

Got it cos of Angelababy and it’s my HG moisturiser now. My sis and bf also got one tub each after being influenced by me.


I haven’t used up a moisturiser in so long. This gel formula is non-oily.




Samples that I never use


Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Primer. I use this before the BIore BB. Maybe it’s my mentality but it does make my skin oil-free for a longer period of time…


It makes the skin really smooth after application too.


Eyebrow pencil. My Etude House one is finishing so..



It’s pigmented so I guess the Etude House one is easier to use. But such a long pencil for only $5? I’LL TRAIN MYSELF~


Comes with a brush too but I prefer a spoolie like Etude House’s.


Eyebrow mascara is a vital and essential make up item for me cos I have 蠟筆小新 eyebrows.


The wand deposits too much product though. But not bad la.


Maybelline HyperSharp Liner in Brown.


This is newly released and I got it cos I’m looking for a brown liquid liner.

No swatch of it cos I’m freaking disappointed. THIS ISN’T BROWN, IT’S SHEER BLACK FOR SANITY’S SAKE.. Sometimes we want BROWN cos it looks less harsh to the whole look, BUT IT DOESN’T MEAN SHEER! Why the fuck would someone want a sheer formula for liquid liners? If we want BROWN, we want an OPAQUE brown! Okay dunno who has the same thinking as me la


Essence lipliner in In The Nude.


Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pastel Upper Liner. Like the name suggests, it is really only waterproof on the upper eye line. Lol


The person was still arranging the display on shelf when I grabbed it XD Love the colour.


It’s a pink red. The new range comes with pastel shades like Lilac, Mint, and Peach too.


Sorry for jumping randomly! Sandals that are so comfy!


Thank you dearest Nicky for always taking photos for me… Even though I always say your photography skills suck, I still feel the most comfortable being in front of the cam when it’s you. 


Met up with the K Suites buddies ♡ 


My baby nephew with a special name. Lolol. See my name so weird already you can guess his. Or maybe you can’t.

The names are however, considered extremely auspicious as claimed by Dad. Ok see next time how my life would be! Hahaha


別靠近我 #anyhowcaption #gettingtired

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