This post is dedicated to my lovely bf, who checks my blog every other day despite me updating so irregularly.

Some boring updates first.

1. I have finally completed my studies omg. Contemplating of taking Masters (lol ikr, hardworking) but that will definitely have to wait until I work and save. Although my journey with Kaplan and University College Dublin was not exactly an arduous one, it hadn’t been easy either. It was mentally straining and my opinions have clashed with a few of the lecturers’, who think only they are right. Some lecturers were lovely though – especially the local ones. :) Only they understand the culture in Singapore (although my class consisted of 80% foreigners [but then those foreigners also a bit sg style when it comes to school]).

2. I have applied for a few jobs that I am damn excited about, and only hope any one of their acceptance. Won’t be posting here as I don’t wanna jinx it and it’s really quite private. If you’re my friend, ask me personally. (LOL like anyone will ask)

3. Nick and I applied for a BTO that will be ready in early 2020 (or maybe earlier?). Yes, he hasn’t proposed but we know that we are gonna stick with each other forever.

My parents know about it and have been supportive. They like him a lot, especially my Momma hehe. I am glad to have found a guy who plans for the future… I didn’t even think of it. I told him we should work hard and just buy a condo without having to wait and he wisely turned my ideas down and applied for a flat instead. Hahahahaha. After looking at the downpayment of condo units, I gotta say he made the right decision.

What makes me appreciate him even more (other than his character) is how committed he is to our relationship. Many guys fear commitment. Many office guys have a penchant of flirting and always want others to think they are single so that they can “look out” for suitable partners to flirt with EVEN IF they are attached. I worked in 2 offices and although for short periods of time, I could tell.

Back to Nick. He ain’t rich, but dotes on me like a King pampers his Queen. I know some girls are attracted to rich guys, which isn’t wrong truthfully, but to me money is really nothing in a relationship. Sorry if I sound like a saint in this but guess I really am. HAHA. It’s okay if a guy isn’t rich, what matters is his ATTITUDE towards his financial status. Not rich? Upgrade yourself, work harder, or be content. Do not complain incessantly. 沒有錢不要緊,可以一起賺。


A few weeks before exams, I was stressed out by assignments and Nick offered to bring me to Bangkok after my last exam is completed.

We flew by Thai Airways, which was an awesome experience. Don’t wanna take budget airlines liao :X Thai Airways is not very expensive btw. And the service was impeccable. AND THE MEALS WERE ACTUALLY YUMMY. AND FREE ORANGE JUICE

This trip was intended to be a relaxing one (duh. Right after exam leh. Don’t wanna plan this plan that). Actually, all my trips are like that cos I am a spontaneous traveller… I don’t like to visit touristy attractions at all. Disneyland? Once is enough. Chatuchak? Hell no. I am a city person. I like shopping malls and I like air-conditioners. We didn’t eat a single thing from roadside stalls (although they smelled very yummy) cos my brother had it before and ended up with food poisoning. D:

We stayed at Glow Pratunam for 4 nights. The bill was $500plus.. Can’t remember, not the one who paid hehe. Lemme do a short review:

Hotel Room: NOT carpeted, much to my dismay. Huge though. The mattress and pillows were ultra soft.

Service: Staffs were helpful and polite. However, after a lady delivered our room service dinner one night, she actually answered “not free” when we requested for her to bring a bucket of ice. Probably our fault for not saying it earlier, but that answer took us aback. If she was not free, she could have offered to ask someone else to do it… or reject more politely?

Location: It is opposite Platinum Mall and right beside Pratunam Market. We actually chose this hotel cos we thought it’s nearer to Siam than the previous one we stayed in (Amari Watergate). Well, by distance, it is nearer, but you can’t cut through the river to walk there. So we have to walk past Platinum Mall and CentralWorld still to get to Siam. Very troublesome.

Overall, I largely prefer Amari Watergate in terms of everything. Will definitely stay there the next time in Bangkok.

I simply love Thailand (or rather, Bangkok since there’s the only place in Thailand I’ve been to). The only thing I hate is how the cabbies never turn on meter in cabs. I can’t say it’s a ripoff though, since the quoted prices are still much cheaper than they would be in Singapore.


Went to a cat cafe for the second time in my life. This was at Purr Cat Cafe Club, located at Soi Sukhumvit area. Nearest BTS station is Thonglor, 6 stops from Siam (towards Mo Chit). Took a cab there from hotel and it was 101 baht (SGD4).


The cafe’s food and desserts were unexpectedly delish. We had 2 main courses, 3 desserts and 3 drinks for SGD52. (yes lulz I had 2 desserts and 2 drinks to myself)

The cats were all well behaved and mostly sleeping or mooching around. It was lovely that the cafe wasn’t crowded at all… There were ample space for people to play with cats. Very hygienic as well.


We spent 3 hours there, naturally. It was fun to eat and have a random kitty come up to you. :D

I couldn’t bear to leave. So was Nick. Lol.


This cat kept coming to my bag cos I attached a pompom keychain to it.


Love the look of flat faced cats!




Hello Kitty cafe, located at Siam Square One. Sweet die me.

My sweet tooth is slowly diminishing. I don’t really like sweet stuffs anymore I feel.

Couldn’t finish both the Candy Cheese Cake and Rainbow Mille Crepe.

Went to After You for the Shibuya Honey Toast and the both of us gagged halfway; it was TOO saccharine sweet!


At our favourite cafe, Greyhound cafe in Siam Center. It’s not expensive, probably around SGD40 for 2. Food was great leh.


There was a night in the hotel when after I surfed the web on my phone, I turned to look at him and he was fast asleep. Like an angel (to me hehe). I lay my head on his chest and heard his heartbeat clearly. Dub Dub Dub

That was when I knew I am truly contented in life to have my loved one(s) healthy and happy. Like I don’t even want new bags anymore.

That was also when I knew I found my soulmate in life. (Actually I knew long ago but have to make it more dramatic) I want to be with you forever, and only you.



My Thai Airways dinner. YES that’s potato salad with SALMON. The chicken was flavourful and tender. Portion was just nice. And one can never say no to an airline which provides entertainment like Dracula Untold, The Hobbit, Interstellar etc. 



One of my favourite things to do is watching movies. In the past, Nick and I would watch movies almost every time we meet – including those random ones .__.

Now I’m rather selective.. My FAVOURITE genre is gore/horror/zombie (Saw, The Conjuring, Dawn of the Dead), followed closely by action/thriller (X-Men, The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Avengers, I Saw The Devil) then fantasy (The Hobbit, LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars etc).

There aren’t any good horror movies recently which is a pity. I ABHOR lame horror movies. The last that I really enjoyed was probably The Conjuring. Annabelle didn’t make it sorry. D: It’s also been freaking long since a fantastic zombie film was made.. The one that I mentioned, Dawn of the Dead, was from goddamn 2004 which shows that there hasn’t been impressive zombie films since that time. Yes I was 12 in 2004 and watching such shows hehehe

I also don’t watch (or crave to watch) comedies anymore. The best comedy film to me will always be White Chicks.. I swear I can memorise the movie lines LOL. The recent comedies (that I’ve watched) didn’t leave an impression on me and I realised I’m getting irked by that genre.. Some are totally not funny and it’s a waste of money..

Anyways. I watched Kingsman: The Secret Service recently and IT. WAS. AMAZING. Thanks to Nick for suggesting to watch if not I wouldn’t have done so.

It’s been quite awhile since a movie has blown my mind like that, and unexpectedly, too. (The Hobbit not counted cos I alr loved it before I watched hahaha)

It’s hard for me to give a review that justifies the movie’s awesomeness – you have to watch it. It’s an action movie with lots of slick fighting movies and hot British accents involved. I have a feeling there will be sequels and I CAN’T WAIT! Oh, it’s M18 though. Probably due to the exposed butt :D :D

The male lead is a new eyecandy and he’s only 25 years old.. sorry too young for me but not bad. Hahahahah dunno what I’m talking about cos I just woke up and felt frustrated there aren’t any good horror movies recently hai

I also watched From Vegas To Macau II.. Y’know I really like all those HK actors that were in it but the movie made me feel sick. Cos it was brainless and stupid. I have had enough of these movies with slapstick comedy and stupid/unrealistic plots. It was suitable for CNY, but NONO for me, anymore.

I prefer movies like Interstellar. HAHA

Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen was alright. It performed exactly how I expected it to be.. To me, the most natural one was Lobang. I’m relieved the movie wasn’t too sad like the 2nd one. Which brings me to my next point…

I never watch sad movies. ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT INVOLVE ANIMALS. (Hachiko/10 Promises to my Dog etc all I never watch) I hate crying and even more so in public. LOL.. I can’t remember, but the last sad film that left an impression was The Secret 不能說的秘密 by my darling. I cried.

I hate feeling sad (LOL who enjoys right), so it makes sense that I avoid movies of that genre.

Looking forward to Insurgent, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and STAR WARS! STAR WARS! DECEMBER 2015! I LOOK FORWARD TO IT MORE THAN MAI BIRTHDAY


Stay happy.

I know I appear as someone outgoing with lotsa friends, but that isn’t true at all.

Sometimes I really don’t know who is real and who is fake. I am too tired to figure out as well;  now I simply release the friendship as if it is a balloon. Perhaps I am not good enough a friend. Admittedly, I’m self-centred and straightforward. With a venomous tongue. The only people who can accept this are Nick, my sec sch friend and the only current classmate whom I actually engage into meaningful conversations with – surprisingly. Cos she’s as mean and as sarcastic as I am. Lmao. Um, it’s weird saying this but I am also a kind person. HAHAH. I see the good in many people and I’ve matured a lot these few years. /don’t puke/

I am really thankful for Nick’s presence in my life. I am probably turning into one of those people whose best friends are their boyfriends as well, because I behave the most natural around him. Is it worth it? Because, when you hang out with your bf most of the time – and he is the priority for most special occasions/public holidays – you lose chances of meeting friends. Of course can meet together lar, I have done that, but you know you keep secrets from friends that you don’t from your bf. Like the amount of $ in your bank acc.

I hate it when a group of people go out together and the group separates into 2s or 3s. It might be inevitable but man.. Effort, people, effort. Of course I need to tell myself that as well.

It also might not seem like it, but school has drained my energy by a hell lot. I do not have lessons everyday BUT the assignments – thousand word essays – and projects are enough to make me sooo tired. Just the thought alone. LOL. I am so freaking glad it’s the last term already~

Y’know I really really really feel like going for a GOOD drinking session. The past couple of drinking sessions had limited alcohol as the others were not keen. I understand. Alcohol is farking expensive and the feeling of hangover is terrible and NOT everyone enjoys drinking. But drinking and singing REALLY do help me in relieving stress. I swear. I don’t keep saying “wanna go drink” for the sake of it. The last enjoyable drinking session was probably at Kbox with Nick, Fel, Kyo, Yuyu, etc a gazillion months ago. And the last last was probably at Xuewei’s birthday or smth which is like a fucking year ago. ANY DRINKING BUDDIES YO? /nick sure think i’m crazy/



Looollll, somehow we are eggcited that some friends got/are getting married that we also… also…. NOT YET LAH

But babypie, thank you for always staying by my side through thick and thin. Even when I was bogei with braces. Even when I had pimples (that I don’t show obviously). Even when I threw tantrums. Lastly, even when I was a disaster that nobody would go near to. It’s fucking cliche to say the bf is also the best friend, and Xiaxue said she hates it when girls say that cos like damn haolian, but when it’s true, it’s true.

I will be by your side too forever ^^

Watching Lee Pace also helps to relieve stress. Hehehehehehe.

The Hobbit

Sorry. Have to.

It’s been almost a month since I caught The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and I am still. not. over. it. yet

Part of it goes to Lee Pace, yes. But deep down in my heart I am actually depressed that there won’t be any more new LOTR or The Hobbit movies. Will life still have any fucking meaning left?

No. (I mean, I’m looking forward to Star Wars end of this year and upcoming X-Men movies but they cannot be compared to Middle-Earth)

Back to Lee Pace. (My bf cfm think I’m crazy lmao)

During the past few weeks, I went to watch a few of his past movies. Some are well known, some are not. He has acted in a few dramas too but wait after my exam la. Movies are shorter.

1) Soldier’s Girl (2003) – Based on a true story, this is his debut film where he plays a transgender.


Yes that’s him on the right. Fucking gorgeous as a woman.


I’m starting to question my sexuality


Looks a bit manly still but sooo hot! He can twerk it man!

The movie is quite sad. It is set in 1999, about Barry Winchell, a US soldier falling in love with Calpernia Addams, a transgender who performs in nightclubs. Barry got beaten to death when people found out about their relationship. I guess people weren’t that open-minded then?

Calpernia Addams still lives and is working in a hospital in Los Angeles today. o.o

I enjoyed the film thoroughly, even repeating it but Nick said it’s boring as hell. ~_~

2) The Fall (2006) – Set in a Los Angeles hospital in the 1920s, Lee plays Roy Walker, an injured stuntman who makes friends with a young girl who is also hospitalised and told her an epic tale which comes to life (in the girl’s mind la). He has an ulterior motive for making friends with her though; to help him steal morphine from the hospital’s pharmacy because he wanted to commit suicide.

He wanted to die because his legs are paralysed and his girlfriend left him for the actor whom he did the stunt for. *cries *whywouldanyoneleavehimwtf


The little girl is damn cute and not annoying at all.


The Red Bandit, himself in the epic tale.


Someone save me


How is burnt skin and peeling lips so hot. How

The movie is quite famous one leh! I thought it had no climax though. It was his role in this movie that caught Peter Jackson’s eye and hence cast him as THRANDUIL in The Hobbit films!

3) Possession (2009) – Quite a meh movie. Jess and Ryan are a married couple and lead a happy life until Roman (played by Lee) comes into the picture. He is in love with Jess but it is of course unrequited. When Ryan and Roman get into a car crash, Ryan goes into coma and Roman claims to be his brother.

Jess didn’t believe at first but Roman went to learn about their relationship and managed to convince Jess in the end. They get married, have sex, blah blah until one day she found out.

There are 2 alternate endings. The official movie ending is of Jess killing Roman and telling Ryan that she will wait for him. The DVD ending is of Jess continuing life with Roman as she knows he truly loves her despite the lie.


Don’t really like his image in this movie D: he doesn’t suit the tattoos and thuggish feel. I prefer well-groomed Lee <3


My favourite character of him is of course Thranduil.


He is largely misunderstood in the movies though. Many people think Thranduil is a jerk because he didn’t help the dwarves from Smaug in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, captured the dwarves in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and recalled his army instead of warning Thorin in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. And of course, he was shown as wanting to wage war for a “handful of gems” as Bard The Bowman stated.

All those actions are not without reason.

First, watch this scene which is not included in the movies (WHY, PETER JACKSON) but in the DVDs.

See how Thranduil was treated by Thror, Thorin’s grandfather. The white gems (as mentioned in the movies) were ordered by the elves for the dwarves to make. When it was completed, the dwarves were smitten by its beauty and refused to return it to the elves.

When Erebor was attacked by Smaug, the fire-breathing dragon, Thorin saw Thranduil and called for help, to which Thranduil rejected. WHY WOULD HE REJECT? BECAUSE, elves and their arrows are completely useless against Smaug! Thranduil knew that he would be sending his men to death by helping, hence he turned away. Why can’t Thorin understand?

Thorin became diagnosed with Dragon sickness when they reclaimed Erebor which Thranduil had predicted in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

My favourite scene in The Desolation of Smaug. The last few seconds, “I am patient. I can wait.” has so much feels omg

P/S: Thranduil is fucking hot. I thought Legolas was the hottest elf until I saw Thranduil.

Lastly.. Why did Thranduil recall his army in The Battle of the Five Armies, when Gandalf asked him to dispatch his forces to warn Thorin?

Because he was upset that so many elves died. Elves are immortals, and to him, it is a waste to die just to defend Dale. He had no powerful rings unlike Elrond and Galadriel and all he wanted  was to protect his people and kingdom, which was shown throughout the movies.

When Tauriel told him “There is no love in you”, she was wrong. Thranduil had loved so deep that it caused him to be emotionless and numb. He loves his kingdom and son the most, which was why he wanted to protect them.

Also, Tauriel defied his orders again and again due to her love for one dwarf so why should he save them? Makes sense.


He’s so perfect D:


I don’t think there’s anyone who can act as him as good as Lee

I’m drowning in this obsession which I’m enjoying

I hope Peter Jackson gets the rights to film The Silmarillion



Lee Pace.

This post might make me sound like a deranged girl, but I just had to get this load off my chest.

Thranduil. Elvenking of Mirkwood. Father to Legolas Greenleaf.

Played by Lee Pace.


All my life I have been exposed to films, dramas, songs, plays, books, etc of all sorts. Like everyone else.

I have seen countless of charming and handsome men on those entertainment platforms. Too many to name that only a few left an impression on me. They are as follow (excluding Jay la ok he’s not so handsome):

MOST HANDSOME LIST- (not in sequence) (hard to go by that) (LOL) (may exclude some that I also like cos their looks are not top notch) (man I feel freaking superficial now lol)

1. Nicholas Hoult. Most notably as Beast in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Possesses a kind and gentle demeanour that suckered me in.

2. Dane DeHaan. Plays Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spiderman 2. Don’t know much about him actually and he’s not very famous but I follow him on instagram and he is always very sweet to his wife, which is a plus point. He is on this list because he is fucking cute. He resembles an elf and has a baby face!

3. Kai Ko. Ke Zhen Dong. He was always my ‘fav’. Always. He seemed too young and immature but no one can argue his looks are kickass shuai.

4. Eddie Peng. Don’t feel very attached to him, same as Dane Dehaan but he is one of the most shaggable (lol WTF) asian guys I’ve seen. Has that 乖乖牌 feel as well.

5. Chris Evans. Oh Captain America. Don’t need to say la everyone loves him.

One thing I realised. Those angmohs whom I like all have blue eyes. Charming indeed. Ehhh I’m not those who only crave for angmoh hor! LOL.

ANYWAY. Yes those guys I think are truly the most handsome. I thought to myself, surely there wouldn’t be someone even more…. magical? 





I found that person.


Lee Pace, who acts as Thranduil in both The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

Weirdly enough, I did not notice him in the previous 2nd film. Perhaps his scenes were too little but boy, did he steal the thunder in the 3rd one. My eyes were practically glued to the screen.

Good looks aside, his portrayal of the Elvenking was so fucking awesome. The voice! The expression! I imagine it hadn’t been easy for Peter Jackson to cast Thranduil but he has chosen the right person. Can’t picture someone else to play him at all!


Such a beautiful creature. Using the word ‘handsome’ seems a little underrated.

That hair, those blue eyes and the elf robes are enough to kill. He is full of magnificent, graceful royalty yet exudes such an intimidating vibe. Man.

I wish Thranduil is real. LOL


Lee Pace is the same age as Jay lol. I prefer him with the elf appearance, obviously, but he looks just as good in his normal self. Just not so majestic.


Don’t smile like that can? You almost made me forsake Jay Chou!

Oh wait that dude is getting married on his 36th birthday anyway


Watched the Behind The Scenes of The Hobbit films and Lee Pace is actually very goofy even in the grand elvenking suit. So lovable.

If you haven’t watched The Hobbit films, or The Lord of the Rings’, PLEASE DO SO. You will not regret. Middle-earth is so surreal, so magical. It is different from Harry Potter’s stories. Both I love but no movie franchise can replace LOTR’s (and now, The Hobbit’s) in my heart.


I happened to stumble across a video of a wardrobe cast’s interview, and the guy said that whenever Lee Pace dresses up as Thranduil, the whole room simply went silent and kinda scared. I guess I can understand why cos he really looks like a King!

He was in a few other famous films such as Twilight and Guardians of the Galaxy as well. I hope he acts in more movies!!!!!

Sometimes for an actor to shine, a good role is vital isn’t it? I hadn’t heard of Lee Pace before he became Thranduil.


Fuck my heart can’t take it


Ok he looks seriously good in both.



O hai

O hai~!

If you have noticed, my blog was private for a while. It is due to a reason that I can’t reveal, but no worries, I’m not emo and I’m still happily attached to my lovely bf.


I turned 22 on 6 Dec. Spent the day walking around MBS with Nick before joining my mum, aunt and baby cousin for a seafood dinner at Crab in Da Bag (which was good. Overpriced though). Blog about that another day.

It wasn’t terribly exciting to turn a year older, as I’ve always felt I’m matured for my age. Hahahaha.

I suddenly thought of the days where I hadn’t turned 18 and was forbidden to enter any clubs.

Before I met Nick, I was always abandoned by the person I was hanging out with then, when I could not enter the club. Even my good friends went ahead with clubbing. Didn’t blame them that time though, cos it’s hard to leave when everyone else was drinking and celebrating a birthday. Plus that time super wanna cry wtf so I wanted to be alone.

After I met Nick, even before we fell in love (haha like corny lol), he always accompanied me when the others went in the club. We hung out with Jacqueline A LOT in 2010 and 2011 because I was close with her during that period and she was on good terms with him. Like seriously, the 3 of us would eat dinner, watch movie and do random stuff together. One of the most random activity was when the 3 of us sat on Vivocity’s outdoor rooftop in the middle of the night. Hahahaha.

We were there because I could not enter Dragonfly or Powerhouse. Come to think of it, like a loser wtf. Like a kid trying to act adult. Funny how it’s legal for me now yet the activity is becoming rare.

It is through such small but thoughtful actions that won my heart. It’s 2 years 9 months since we are together and I’m really thankful for someone like him :) ily babi




It has been so long since I wrote movie reviews. Watched a ton of films since then and none have left an impression except for Interstellar and Rise of The Legend. And maybe The Maze Runner, but we are getting sick of dystopian films aren’t we? I prefer The Hunger Games and Divergent for that genre. The male lead for The Maze Runner didn’t leave a strong impression with his acting skills and isn’t good looking enough imo. Alright that sounds super shallow but just what I feel. You either impress with looks or talent in the entertainment industry.

My mind was fucked non-stop by Interstellar as it tried to decipher the time travel and different dimensions issues. Until I realised, most of the things do not make sense EXCEPT in the movie. Of course there are also actual physics and science facts involved but they are way too chim for me. So don’t tire your brain by trying to figure it out; just enjoy the fantastic film.

It is like how events in The Avengers couldn’t possibly happen in reality. Lol. How the fuck did Christopher Nolan come up with Interstellar btw? Brilliant mind, this one. The film reminds me of Gravity as well. Hope there will be more of such movies.


I never watched the old Wong Fei Hung films (even if I did, I was probably only a few years old then) and I know many regard Jet Li as the only Wong Fei Hung. Rise of The Legend was thoroughly enjoyable though, because of the fucking hot Eddie Peng. And Angelababy.

I loveeee Eddie Peng’s looks. I think I prefer him over Kai Ko now! Well looks wise I guess Kai Ko still wins but I like how Eddie Peng isn’t the extreme camwhore type… He seems 乖 and demure even with his smashing hot body and killer smile. I like I like, lolllll~! Anyhows the movie plot was fairly predictable but like I said… Just enjoy it man. Movies are meant to be enjoyed. Hahahaha. The theme song is Mayday’s 將軍令 AND I LOVE IT SO FREAKING MUCH. WHY THEY 出道 SO MANY YEARS ALREADY THE SONGS STILL SO NICE? <3333 I actually stayed till the end of the song. #truefan



Skin Inc’s Holiday Glow Set. Consists of Pure Revival Peel 20ml, Custom blended Brightening serum 10ml, Pure Snow White+ Mask 20ml.

Pure Revival Peel feels exactly like the Cure exfoliator. It is a clear gel that will slowly turn into flakes as it rubs the dead skin off.

Custom blended Brightening serum is a lightweight liquid. Most serums are already ‘light’ enough but this takes the cake. In fact, it is so watery that it almost feels like… water.

Pure Snow White+ Mask was what that lured me into getting this set. The original 100ml is simply too expensive at SGD286, so this seemed like a good deal. The mask is a white paste that does not dry out the skin.

I leave it on for around 20 min usually. After washing it off, I did not notice any visible whitening effect (to be fair [pun not intended] though, I am already quite fair lolol) but I liked what the mask did – it shrank the pores and smoothed out my skin. The effects were not enough to warrant a solo purchase on my part. I would love to actually, but unless I strike lottery, this mask remains a luxury item.

This set is my first foray into Skin Inc and I am not really wowed by it. I like the My Daily Dose serum idea though! Maybe!


The little capsules will burst upon contact with skin.


L’Oreal Youth Code Luminizing Essence. The colour of the serum is sooo pretty! Like duo-chrome! Anyway, I really can’t find any fault with this serum. It is lightweight with fast absorption and hydrating. My skin did not glow immediately but nevermind.. It feels good with this serum.

Best thing? This is under SGD50.


Bio-Essence Bio-Energy Snail Secretion Repair Serum. The first two days of using this serum saw significant results as my zit was greatly reduced. This is yet another lightweight-fast absorbing-hydrating serum. Only bad thing is the smell.

Under SGD50 too. I like to experiment with different skincare (copy Angelababy one, she said changing skincare products every few months is good as the skin would get immune to a product’s efficacy after some time!) but if I get sick of experimenting (or if my wallet doesn’t allow), I would return to this and the L’Oreal. Cheap and good.


L’Oreal Youth Code Rejuvenating Eye Essence. Unless I can find another product that can deliver the same results and of a cheaper price, I’m sticking to this.

Again gonna use the same words: Lightweight, hydrating, fast absorbing. HAHAH


Etude House dry shampoo. Nice fragrance and good to use after a long day out (and if you are to stay out late)!


The Body Shop Glazed Apple Shimmer Lotion. Took a whiff of this and it smelled so good that Nick offered to get it for me <3 Kinda sad that this is limited edition. HEN XIANG SIAAAAAA!


Leaders Insolution masks. They are my current favourite masks. I have stopped buying My Beauty Diary’s because somehow they feel sticky now? Is it a new formula? Hmm.

Leaders Insolution masks feel gel-ish and soooo soft. Bad thing is, much more expensive than My Beauty Diary’s. Average SGD4 each. These were wiped out instantly during Luxola’s 40% off site wide sale. I had added them to my cart already when they got sold out! D:


Shu Uemura single eyeshadow in soft gold. Okay, no more eyeshadows for me from now on.


Revlon lipstick in Soft Nude. I just can’t wear nude lippies anymore. They make me look dead.


DrGL‘s Restore Gel Mask and Skin Repair. Got these during Luxola’s sale. I have a few more items coming on the way weeeeeee


Every one of her products had RAVE reviews. Of course they don’t come cheap, I wouldn’t have purchased if not for 40% off. (Or maybe I would. But the 40% off pushed me forward to try NOW lol)


The Restore Gel Mask is both a moisturiser and mask. Can’t wait to use it.


Skin Repair. The reviews on this were so crazy wtf that I had to get a bottle. Why am I so easily swayed? BECAUSE, THE REVIEWS ARE MOSTLY BY NON-SPONSORED NORMAL PEOPLE. Not to say bloggers aren’t trustworthy (there are a few whom I trust!) but when these people gave reviews, they did so from the bottom of their hearts as the products were bought with their own money.

It just makes everything extra convincing.



Extra protection for the products



I have also started drinking collagen… Not sure if it’s effective but if it is then my wallet gonna burn. As you can see, skin is my top priority. I don’t have perfect skin at all, so I have to put in efforts to make it good.

Be back again soon~! ;D